Papua New Guinea
Appropriate Technology  Projects Inc.

Message from Founder/Co-Director of PNG AT Projects  Inc.
ATprojects was formed in 1998 as an association governed by a constitution within the Papua New Guinea “Association Incorporation Act”. We are based in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, but works throughout PNG. Our aim is to enable rural people to use appropriate technologies which give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.
ATprojects provides a number of program development products and is one of the few organizations in PNG offering practical technical support at a district level. We also offer a range of development products and services, including a training and conference facility.

What is appropriate technology?
Appropriate technology is a way of thinking about change, recognizing that technologies can evolve  along different paths toward different ends. It includes the belief that rural communities can have a role in deciding what their future will be like, and that the choice of technologies is an important part of this. It also includes the recognition that technologies can embody cultural biases and sometimes have political and distribution effects that go far beyond a strictly economic evaluation. “AT” therefore involves the use for technologies that have for example, beneficial effects on income distribution, human development and environmental quality.
Part of ATprojects’ development strategy is to start with and build on locally available skills and materials, based on the initiative and full participation of local people. This should mean that local needs will be met more effectively, that mistakes will be on a scale that are understandable and correctable, and that technological and social changes that follow are more likely to harmonies with evolving local traditions and culture.

Our Vision:
To be a family centred organization which supports the development of young PNG professionals who are ready to contribute to the physical well being of the poorer members of our community. We will be the leading appropriate technology based organization in the South Pacific. We will be financially sound and have infrastructure capacity compatible with our goals.

Our Values:
Staff of ATprojects value:
• Family centredness, Self-reliance and self-determination
• Good role models behaving in a manner that reflects well on ATprojects
• A work ethic that achieves a high standard of manufactured product
• Personal and professional growth
• Developing people who work harmoniously and respectfully, meeting challenges together
• Transparency, integrity, honesty – serving the best interests of the organization and the individual
• Full and meaningful participation and supporting others to help themselves
• Partnership and cooperation with donors and other key stakeholders
• Helping wherever our products can be of benefit.
• Working in a learning and knowledge environment.
• Appropriateness, equity, affordability and accessibility of all our technologies

Our Mission:
All ATprojects programs will use appropriate technologies to assist poorer members of our community to improve their standard of living. We will use a participative design approach to develop suitable projects and products for distribution & dissemination throughout PNG and the South Pacific where possible in partnership with other development programs.

​For more information on our work and the services we offer, please contact us on telephone +675 7224 4690 or e-mail us on

Light Up the World (Solar Power Projects)

Innovative Rural Airstrips  Maintanance Program  iRAMP

Water & Sanitation Projects

Working with Rural Airstrips Aency of Papua New Guinea looking after and maintaining rural airstrips all around the country. Helping the prople in the remote area which their only means of transportation is by air. We provide community consultation to open new air strips and also once we open new airstrips we continue to maintain the airstrip and support the people in remote areas.
Working with Communiity health centre and Aid post in the country to to solar power installation to remote areas where their is no electrcity going through

Having access to better water and sanitation facilities are important for good health. One way that ATprojects contributes to make sure that communities have access to these facilities is by installing the ATloo toilets, girl’s shower and tanks in the schools in Eastern Highlands Province under the SCHOOL WASH program supported by Oxfam International here in Goroka. ATprojects mainly installs 6 ATLoo toilets, a shower house for girls and 2 (9000 L) tanks in the schools where it conducts its SCHOOL WAS PROGRAM. Featured here are two of the ATprojects staff on the workshop floor producing ATloo frames primary schools benefiting the SCHOOL WASH program.
Our aim is to enable rural people to use appropriate technologies which give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.