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  1. Water & Sanitation Program-WASH Project
    Water & Sanitation Projects
    Having access to better water and sanitation facilities are important for good health. One way that ATprojects contributes to make sure that communities have access to these facilities is by installing the ATloo toilets, girl’s shower and tanks in the schools in Eastern Highlands Province under the SCHOOL WASH program supported by Oxfam International here in Goroka. ATprojects mainly installs 6 ATLoo toilets, a shower house for girls and 2 (9000 L) tanks in the schools where it conducts its SCHOOL WAS PROGRAM. Featured here are two of the ATprojects staff on the workshop floor producing ATloo frames primary schools benefiting the SCHOOL WASH program.
  2. Innovative Rural Airstrip Maintance program IRAMP
    Maintaining Rural Airstrips around the country
    It is only through maintaining these airstrips that the locals in this part of the country are able to see some form basic government services in their area. When these airstrips are maintained planes are able to land to do medivac’s, fly in school supplies, medical supplies and teachers and health officers into these remote locations. Thanks to the Rural Airstrips Agency (RAA) and its partner ATprojects for ensuring that these airstrips are maintained on a regular basis for planes to land.
  3. Light up the World Project( LUTW)
    Installation of Solar Power in rural areas.
    Care seeks other sources of electricity to power their operation. Care has engaged Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) in Goroka to install solar energy at one of their sub station’s in Menyama, Morobe Province. And ATprojects was asked to construct the large solar frames and solar panel stand, since ATprojects is a leader in green energy. The three solar panel stands are over eight metres and with cater for six 250 watt solar panels. CRMF Workshop Manager is very pleased with quality of work ATprojects is doing. He said the frames and stands can withstand earthquakes and also avoid thieves from sealing the panels
  4. Foot Bridge Project
    Building Foot Bridge in Rural Area of the country
    One of the projects ATprojects is working on at the moment is the construction of 6 wire suspension footbridges in some of the remotest area of Papua New Guinea
  5. Health & Hygiene
    Teaching health and hygiene to school children after building up their water and toilets through Water & Sanitation Project WASH Project
    When installing toilets and other sanitation facilities in schools it is also vital that students are taught the importance of the correct use of the facilities. Marina Schkot Casas, a gender advisor on holiday ing Papua New Guinea from Spain, helped ATprojects over a two two week period [with our staff] to teach basic health and hygiene and also a range of topics of surrounding HIV/AIDS and STIs to nearly two hundred grade nine students of Gahuku High School. Miss Casas taught the students on the correct use of the toilet facilities and other basic general hygiene. Under ATprojects WASH program six toilets, three for girls and 3 for boys were built in the school and we also installed two 9000 litre tuffa tanks. ATprojects would like to thank Oxfam New Zealand for your generous support to this WASH program in the Eastern Highlands
  6. Bee Keeping
    Bee keeping and honey production.
    Anyone who has stayed at the ATprojects guesthouse would remember having freshly cooked pancakes topped off with local PNG honey, but not everyone knew that the honey was harvested for bee hives located around the Centre. While we currently only have a small number of hives but our aim is to have 40 hives located around the Centre and produce honey not only for the Guesthouse, but also to sale.
  7. Round Loo Slabs Production
    Production of round loo slabs for community and schools.
    Along with a number of ATprojects trained rural producers our small production unit (see picture) at the ATcentre produces over 1,000 “Round Loo” toilets slabs every year. At the time of writing this post we have about 6% of all families in the Eastern Highlands using these toilets. Our aim is to help every family access an improved toilet and while this is a long term aim, ATprojects is committed to this project as this is one of the few development projects that can bring real development.
  8. Incinerator
    AT Projects install Incinerator in Rural Health Centres
    AT Projects produced and supplied Incinerator to rural health centre and also to the urban hospitals all around the country.
Our aim is to enable rural people to use appropriate technologies which give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.