Papua New Guinea
Appropriate Technology  Projects Inc.

Trainning Facility


ATprojects Training Facility,not only can we provide accommodation and meals for yourtrainees, but we go an extra mile by taking into consideration the needs of our corporate clients in regard to their training. We provide a training facility for both small to medium size organizations. Being located outside of the noisy Goroka Town, ATprojects Training Facility is an ideal venuefor a successful training experience.It is quiet, peaceful and safe. And your training participants will not be distracted.Most importantly; we promote an alcohol-free zone within our premises, because we want everyone to have a great learning outcome. Our training venue provides the following services/facilities;

A well-designed and spacious classroom with excellent ventilation, our classroom has the capacity to accommodate about 35 people per training/conference session. So if you are looking for a training venue at a reasonable rate, look no further than ATprojects Training Facility.


ATprojects has a very large and well-equipped workshop within its Centre that can be rendered out to our corporate clients to help facilitate a more practical aspect of their training. We also have our experienced trainers who are currently running the workshop so they can be of added advantage to your organization by helping you conducting your practical side of training.
The costs of using the facility are [GST Inclusive]:
One day meeting or workshops

Classroom/meeting area hire [for a day]: K165.00

Morning tea/coffee/per person: K4.40

Light lunch/per person: K15:00

Afternoon tea/coffee/per person: K4.40

Longer meeting or workshops

Classroom/meeting area hire: FREE

Meals and accommodation per person per night: K180.00
                   Transport and others           

Normal arrival and departure: FREE
Centre/Goroka/Centre: K20.00